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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Slight damage to the tread by way of repair , extending the life of the tire . If the repair is useless shedding pattern , not a serious barely usable. But if it is running at high speed , it is recommended that owners or conditional replacement guarantee the safety of travel . auto glass repair Oakland
Tread slight rupture also can be mended , and domestic traffic is more complex, uneven pavement , pavement deposits are more damaged tire tread is relatively common thing .
Sidewall insert nails, as long as no damage to the ply , repaired tires can continue to use . Ply sidewall is vertical distribution , as long as no nails or other hard objects broke the cord , but from two ply inserted between , just inserted through the rubber for the carcass damage is very small, can be simply patched . auto glass repair Oakland
Tire tread or sidewall damage serious situation , which means that the tire has been unable to continue to use , and must be replaced to ensure driving safety .
Appears drum sidewall ply cords package is the result of a fracture , the tire has described this situation not be saved , then the value of any repair , tires must be replaced .
If barely patched , repaired tires can only be a dangerous puncture at any time .
Both the outer sidewall rubber to cracking , carcass layer, a protective layer structure has been completely destroyed,
Slight damage tires , just a simple repair can continue to use , and usually pay more attention on the line before driving , can repair it without replacement , and serious injury must be new tires . Tires are auto parts in direct contact with the ground , it is directly related to the performance of the safety of occupants .auto glass repair Oakland

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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Oil Under normal circumstances, the oil height to remain in position on the ruler should be the highest and lowest points in the middle . Check the oil , shall parked on a level surface and turn off the engine 5 minutes more, or other engine cooling . car glass repair San Francisco
If this happens, allow the engine to be light on the brakes at low speed . Do not step on the clutch and do not stop , so things will be worse. As a result of changing the oil when the oil fill too much, they should immediately let go of the excess oil , and then restart. The oil level is too low, the engine oil shortage will result in the absence of aggravating circumstances lubrication wear.
Under normal conditions the coolant , the coolant should be at a height between the highest and lowest points , such as cooling fluid darken turbidity , indicating degradation, the need to replace the oil .

If the gasoline engine , too much oil will erode the cylinder head gasket . Diesel at greater risk , the oil may be mixed with co-firing of the cylinder body . In this case, even if cut off the throttle , the engine not be stopped , but will not stop at high speed until all the oil is depleted , the engine often therefore scrapped !
car glass repair San Francisco
Coolant it easy to see how much . Subject to other engine stops running , and is completely cooled down, because the engine coolant when the level of operation may vary somewhat , not easily and accurately .
If coolant abnormally increased , reflecting the engine has potential problems. Can be the first cooling liquid discharge excess , reducing them to the highest point within the . Then to continue to view .
If the coolant level drops below the lowest point , indicating that the engine water will heat up. If the coolant is still constantly increasing , we must immediately find dealers inspect and make repairs.

At high temperatures, the engine running can cause deformation of the cylinder or cylinder head gasket is burned. Supplemental coolant , it is best to use the same brand manufacturers specified products. car glass repair San Francisco


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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Everyday driving and maintenance of some incorrect operation will cause the rapid formation of coke , can be summarized in : often in a short time the engine running . car glass San Francisco
Long at low temperatures , the low state driving ; Long-term high-temperature , high-speed , overload mode of operation ; engine intake valve seals bad ; often in dusty places run ; low grade of gasoline , engine knock ; gasoline contains a large number of water and gum .
These situations can be attributed to two reasons : one is associated with the engine operating conditions , such as engine running or often in a short time overload operation , etc. ; Another is associated with the external conditions , such as poor fuel quality or poor working conditions and so on.
A first engine operating condition and the relevant circumstances , mainly because when the engine is overloaded for a long time , the engine intake valve seal is bad, low speed or high speed operation , the air-fuel ratio not guarantee stability and the combustion chamber in the vicinity complete combustion of the mixture gas . car glass San Francisco
The second is the external environment in which the engine -related , such as fuel poor quality or poor working conditions and so on. For the case of poor fuel quality is actually the first case above is very similar .
Resulting in partial penetration of unburned fuel and lubricating oil mixed in the combustion chamber , while the temperature in the lower part of the engine , such as the piston top , fuel injectors, spark plugs and throttle gradually solidified into a solid inside , through long-term accumulation phenomenon will be the formation of coke .

Because the air-fuel ratio of air and fuel in accordance with the calculated volume ratio , if the fuel quality is not good , the fuel enters the combustion chamber in the case of the same volume , the actual volume fraction of the fuel can burn down , resulting in air-fuel ratio equal to rise, while the impurities contained in the fuel , and the air in dust gum oxidized in the combustion chamber , after the same long-term accumulation of soot formed in the engine phenomenon . car glass San Francisco


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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Lubrication is not selected by the words , it will be severely cylinder liner wear . Sleeve portion adjacent to the cylinder chamber , the temperature is high, it does not play the role of lubrication . Windshield  San Francisco
Fresh air and not evaporated fuel erosion and dilution , exacerbating the deterioration of the upper terms , so that the cylinder in a semi- dry rubbing or friction state , which is causing a serious cause of upper cylinder wear .
Withstood the pressure on , so that the cylinder goes heavy wear . Piston ring in its own elasticity and pressure under the action of the back pressure of the cylinder , the greater the positive pressure lubricant film formation and maintenance more difficult , increase mechanical wear . In the working stroke , the piston down , positive pressure gradually decreases, and thus into the heavy cylinder wear. There is a good auto glass can also bring great convenience to travel .
Mineral acids and organic acids so that the cylinder surface corrosion flaking . Combustible gas mixture within the cylinder , combustion produces steam and acidic oxides are soluble in water , the resulting inorganic acids, organic acids and combustion cylinder surface corrosion , corrosion of the piston ring friction decreased gradually abrasions , leading to deformation of the cylinder . Windshield  San Francisco
Into mechanical impurities, so that the wear and tear of the central cylinder . Airborne dust , oil and other contaminants into the piston and the cylinder wall causing wear. Dust or impurities with the piston reciprocating in the cylinder , the cylinder from the central position of the maximum speed of the movement , the abrasion of the central cylinder .
Oil filter filtering effect is poor. If the oil filter is not working properly , oil not be effectively filter , contains a lot of hard particles of lubricating oil is bound to exacerbate liner wear.
Filtration efficiency air filter is low . Role is to remove the air filter the air of dust and sand into the cylinder to reduce cylinder, piston and piston rings and other wear parts . Have a good filter is convenient driving standards. Windshield  San Francisco

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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Engine cold start , due to low temperature , oil viscosity, poor mobility, so that the oil pump oil supply shortage . Door glass San Francisco
Meanwhile , the original cylinder wall of the cylinder wall in the downstream oil stops , the time to start normal operation, no good lubrication, thereby greatly increasing the wear of the cylinder starts.
Therefore, the initial start-up, you should slow start the engine several times until the friction surfaces are lubricated before the start . Should be slow to warm up after running , non- oil port , waiting for the oil temperature reaches a certain degree of hair , and then begin until the oil temperature is normal, the distance should adhere to downshift start of each file , and orderly tourism, converting normal driving . If you pay attention to these , our engines will fail.
To strictly according to season and choose the best engine performance lubricant viscosity values ​​are not free to buy and use poor quality oil, oil quantity and quality of regular inspection and maintenance. Door glass San Francisco
Air filters , oil filters and fuel filters to maintain a good working condition, in order to reduce the wear of the cylinder liner is essential .
Enhanced maintenance , mechanical impurities into the cylinder , to prevent, reduce cylinder wear and extend engine life is an important measure , more sand is particularly important in rural areas . Some drivers do not install the air in order to save fuel filter is absolutely wrong.
During use , identify problems promptly remove , replace, or repair any damage and deformation accessories. Install cylinder, in strict accordance with the technical requirements inspection and assembly.
Choose a suitable elastic ring , the elastic is too small, the discharge gas of the gas cylinder wall into the crankcase , increased wear of the cylinder wall , elasticity is too large , wear of the cylinder walls contribute directly or because of wear of the cylinder wall film to intensify their destruction . We can do it to your satisfaction. Door glass San Francisco


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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Require the owner of a thing is very angry body to be set aside channel , some are not careful when driving scratched , some are no reason to be naughty or scrape the passers with a hard object . car glass Oakland
Those unsightly scratches will often spend a great owner . To make up for this line , we need to have a large polished off the whole re-sprayed .
To solve this problem, developers have developed a variety of complementary color pen, complementary color pen appeared in some extent reduce the burden on car owners. Although complementary color pen has come out, but the best way is to drive carefully and choose a good parking place. However, when your car problems, do not forget to visit us.

Car with a long , more or less inevitably faded paint , white, dark and so on , which is the main component of the paint is organic chemicals , ultraviolet irradiation will be a long-term oxidative deterioration . car glass Oakland
General Qin cleaning can reduce the fading phenomenon ; mild bleaching can waxing polishing , grinding will moderate , severe can only repainted .
Now, many people like metallic paint, looks like new, the visual effect is very good. However, the metal coating composition of the flash, consisting mainly of aluminum, it is easily oxidized, easy to crack. Auto Glass, the most professional place or Auckland.
After cleaning the body , pour some in the car body, and then with a soft fleece , cotton cloth or chamois and other light and uniform circular motion in the body of the vehicle . Need not be very hard .
Operation is not carried out in the sunlight , the surrounding environment should be clean. If you want a professional auto glass repair, please visit glass Oakland

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Driving rain a little chance, the opportunity to use a relatively small wiper, wiper blades every day so some owners abnormal state, they are not high degree of attention. Now is the test of our time for windshield glass, if the glass is good, then hang rain less, if the glass is not good, you need to repair, so technology is the most important. windshield repair Oakland
Wiper effect until impact , the problem is usually very serious. In addition to daily use, the front windshield glass if water less easily exacerbate wiper wear and affect its level of degree.
Appears above the windshield solid things, such as pigeons and other birds of dried feces , but also to avoid the direct use of the wiper .
Because the material is mainly rubber wiper, a long time will harden with age, if you do not take good care of, it will affect his work wipers, glass and wipers are indispensable!
In addition, where the wiper is not complete , you can also buy one kind of wiper blades Fixer , sandwiched friction wiper blade rubber parts to be repaired portion of irregular wear . windshield repair Oakland
If the use of the process , from the windshield wiper left to see the slender streak , it is difficult to see the outside world , this may be due to a foreign body or on the wiper edge is worn , treatment should not rush to replace .
We must first clean edge , if the symptoms have not been eliminated will need to be replaced.
Wiper blades should always pay attention to maintenance , doing routine maintenance work . We repair auto glass, preferring to believe that professional, not believe the price is cheap, so the required team of professional business professional can.

Check the wiper switch is in position at various speeds , check wiper have different speeds to maintain a certain speed ; checking wiper swing uneven or there exists no blown phenomenon, which two failures of any kind , means wiper blades for damage . windshield repair Oakland

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013


Body aging, scars inspection and maintenance methods : No matter what kind of car will have a large or small scars. Paint scratches on the table cause much damage ? car glass replacement Oakland
How can I repair ? Must consider the proper disposal methods . If it is less visible scars , the smart way is simply to not worry about it .
All cars have scratches, the best way is to repair wounds and body parts fill the same coating agent.
If the body wounds, first check the extent of injuries .
If only very shallow scratches, immediately wipe mixture treatment as a straight line. We make our own bad, will affect the appearance of the car, so it should go to a professional repair station glass replacement Oakland
Scratches , paint peeling off the repair and maintenance methods :
Deep scars , focus is to observe whether the exposed metal surfaces , and if you do not see the metal surface will not rust, can concentrate coated with varnish . Place the pen tip up one o’clock , and then paint to dry completely.
Carry the scars of the insurance approach is slashing the burrs , potholes partially coated putty to make it smoother. Special putty, prepare a variety of colors, choose the closest color. With body-colored bumpers , paint is very important.
When driving, if you have severe abrasions, please do not panic, you go to a professional repair shop on it. car glass replacement Oakland


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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Sunroof problems, we should immediately go to find the cause, not casually passed, must pay attention to check carefully checked and found no problems before they can pull off their own. If France found a gap, then we have to go to a professional repair shop to repair. auto glass repair Oakland

Because skylights designed with anti- squeeze function, so there is dust in the roof rail disruption occurs in the case does not close the question , so this is the track owners should always wipe the dust causes.
If you encounter a situation sunroof co lax , owners can come first tilt sunroof , tilt and hold the switch and hold 1 minute, this will tilt sunroof part , while skylights will be completely closed.
In particularly difficult line on the road is best not to slide open the sunroof completely , otherwise it may cause too much vibration between the rails skylights and related components caused by deformed or even cause damage to the motor .
Sunroof moving parts from low maintenance materials, oil or lubricants should be cleaned regularly with mechanical parts , it is recommended cleaned once every two months .
Skylights use a long time, in its slide, generally there will be a lot of cracks in the sand deposition, such as occasional cleaning will wear sunroof parts. auto glass repair Oakland
Should be regularly cleaned slide around and avoid sand deposition, sunroof seals prolong life.
In general use 2-3 months , when the sealing strips or rails with gauze dipped in the cleaning water wash , to be wiped clean after applying a little oil or butter on it.
Use skylights biggest concern is leaking, leaking, sunroof proper use and maintenance can effectively avoid leakage . In addition to cleaning rails, sealing cracks in the dust , but also in other parts of the seal a little plastic spray or talcum powder .
Winter snow or after washing , the glass window frame with sealant may be frozen, then if forced open sunroof, easy to make the sunroof motor and rubber seal damage. The correct approach is that in the snow or washing , will sunroof open , dry edge residual moisture . auto glass repair Oakland

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Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Auto glass repair is a technique, in order to learn more about this technology, you get auto glass repair in San Francisco, there is a more professional team, as well as more specialized technologies. car glass repair San Francisco

In general , in addition to smokers , some owners of the low use of skylights , and even many owners are caring for skylights lack long-term maintenance is not performed , it is prone to aging and other conditions.
You know, any one thing for a long time do not use it prone to various problems. Each maintenance are to remind owners to check skylight.
Once the leak into the store to be repaired immediately . Sunroof leaking has many causes . A drainage system is a problem , there is a skylight pit , if the drainage is not good , then it will flow into the car.
The main reason is caused by leaks in the two A-pillar drains, such as the aging of the rubber sealing joints or damage resulting from leaking. car glass repair San Francisco
In addition, the sunroof drain is generally more secretive, different locations are also different models , normal maintenance 4S shop professionals is also relatively easy to overlook .
If the skylight leaks , and to check whether the drain is clogged with dust .
Routine maintenance car sunroof no special requirements , just regular check sunroof seals for damage around and check the track lubrication conditions .
If the skylight leaks , it is recommended to the 4S shop to repair the master repair shop to get watered skylights try to find the leakage point and then repair it.
Another reason is that the vehicle collision accident cause leakage , it is likely scale correction of the vehicle body is not in place , in which case it is also necessary to recalibrate fixed. car glass repair San Francisco