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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Clean the car glass cream not obtrusive, wisdom is often more effective than brute force. In the cold winter, when the automobile glass frosting, the safest in the traditional method is to blow warm air heating frost, but this method requires a certain amount of time. Car glass Oakland

Note: do not use snow scraping shovel, cloth and card scraping frost on the glass.

Because the wind in winter, there are many tiny dust will cream, use tools to scrape frost result equals with fine sandpaper grinding of glass in the window, so you will soon become frosted glass.

I would like to remind you is not to use cold water or hot water! Because the water, cold water to make glass ice, hot water can lead to cracking of glass. As for some friends to liquor or alcohol with defrosting practices in the windshield, our experts are not recommended. If the use of SA wine, cocktail party along the guide rain board directly flow down, it will make a lot of rubber parts of alcohol and body contact, will cause corrosion or damage to rubber parts, so do not recommend using this method.

At present, some methods of preventing frost in the bud by many friends of favor. For example, the owner can at night parking, professional garment covering the vehicle.

Here we do not recommend newspapers and ordinary cloth from the glass, because of the cold weather, the goods may be frozen in glass or be blown away. Car glass Oakland

Another method is to save, later in the evening to reach the parking place before or parked the car flameout, open a window or door, so that the temperature inside the car down to the outdoor temperature and shut the window, close the door, lock the car, because the car and no difference in temperature, water vapor in the air has less prone to clotting in the window, so from the source to prevent frost generation.

The low winter temperatures, the morning drive, car glass often have a thin layer of cream, but it is not easy to remove. How to better and faster to remove attached to the glass fog or frost? Below is the professionals give tips!

Automotive glass demisting defrosting method: morning there will be a layer of fog that car glass, the main reason is that the car glass contact with the outside world, the temperature is low, the car water vapor condenses to form on the glass, to get rid of this kind of fog, there are two ways, either the glass temperature, or the interior humidity down. Car glass Oakland

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

In the snow day met the wiper is snow stick in the windshield, do not use hot water to the car wash a hot bath, so easy to make the window because of the temperature change and burst, the wiper blade deformation. Windshield repair Oakland

The correct method is, the air conditioner to hot air, blowing mode for the front windshield wiper, be natural. In addition, should also pay attention to the wiper blade usage, such as the aging or damaged should be replaced promptly to avoid scratching the glass.

And to do no danger of anything going wrong, the best stop when the wiper blade and support, to open and close the wiper, pay attention to wipe the blade on the snow and ice, water, at the same time to wipe the windshield wiper blade, prevent the windshield and frozen together.

Due to the low winter temperatures, lubricating oil viscosity increase is not easy to flow, start the engine after preheating, as long as the water temperature table began to rise to start, here not stepped on the accelerator and don’t let the engine speed is too high. Windshield repair Oakland

When the vehicle is running after the initial difficulties, the rear wheels do not to be in a nice hobble, or ABS dashboard warning light flashing, that is the handbrake frozen. At this time, do not force driving, you can try to hang reverse gear, fierce trample accelerator reversing forced the handbrake to open, pour boiling water two rear brake disc melt snow and ice can also.

Believe that not too many people will pay attention to maintenance, maintenance of vehicles, rubber strip. The master said, do not belittle these glue edge strip, they not only decorative body, it plays an important role in sealing the carriage. So when the sealant once aging or cracking, will seriously affect the waterproofing, insulation performance car.

Teacher suggested, cleaning with special glue agent on the adhesive strip for cleaning and maintenance, rubber strip some important parts of the more should pay attention to maintenance, to avoid aging tape of glass lift or a different sound. If the aging and shedding phenomenon must be timely replacement, so as to avoid the rainy season occurs when the water leakage phenomenon. Windshield repair Oakland

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

The car is the most likely dirty carpet, the carpet is the basic vehicle itself and car body, not easy to tear open come down to clean, the best placed in car mat. Car glass replacement Oakland

If the mat is not too dirty, to get the vehicle tapping on it. If you use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head for cleaning processing, can make more dirty carpet looks not so dirty.

For the dirty carpet can only use detergent, first the two dust removal work before washing, then spray proper amount of detergent, scrub with the brush, finally with a clean rag wipe excess detergent net can.


The seat of dirty things clean. First of all, using brush cleaning local dirty, such as large stains, such as garbage. And then use a clean cloth and a small amount of neutral lotion, in dry and wet conditions, full wipe the surface of the seat.

Special attention should be paid to the cloth must be dry, to prevent wet seat.

The blood clearance. If the seats and carpets stained with blood, do not use soap or water to clear, because the blood with soap and hot water will solidify, can use wet cloth to wipe, and a few drops of ammonia in blood, wait a few minutes, and then dipped in a cold water wipe clean rag. Car glass replacement Oakland

Remove stain. In the car to eat ketchup sauce food, such as the case of pollution of the seat or carpet, or did not care to lipstick and other stain on the seat, with cold wet dishcloth or sponge, gently wipe, and then the foam cleanser. Do not use soap or water to clean the coffee, cola, ice cream and other beverages to leave a stain, because the soap and hot water will mark is fixed on the seat surface, can only be used on the rag dipped water wipe, and then foam cleaning agent.

Clear urine stains. If the urine in the floor or carpet, can be the first wet cloth to wipe with hot soapy water, and then 1 than 1 ammonia water and cold water solution soaked rag covered in wet places, after a few minutes away cloth, wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Car glass replacement Oakland

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Air conditioning and refrigeration method. Using the air-conditioning refrigeration dehumidification function, reduce air humidity removing fog. Auto glass repair Oakland

When summer especially after many people into the car, not to open air conditioning, expired air humidity is bigger, soon will be the front windshield fog.

Then you can open the air conditioning cold air forward windscreen, the use of air-conditioning dehumidification function can be removed, a front windshield fog of steam. But if the humidity is too large, the use of air conditioning effect is not obvious, but a window is opened slightly, to quickly reduce driving indoor humidity.

Of course, can also be matched and air conditioner, the effect will be faster.

Spraying anti fog agent prevention method. A little mist agent sprayed on the glass window on the car, and then wipe clean, you can remove the dirt, the glass window on the spot.

On the polished glass at the same time, the formation of a layer of transparent protective film on the glass, it can effectively prevent the steam in condensation on the glass fog layers, especially in the cold winter. Auto glass repair Oakland

Can replace the antifogging agent and detergent, soap and water, glycerin, alcohol or salt water to dry and then suede or soft dry cloth to wipe excess fiber, it can ensure the vehicle glass will not cast a mist in a few days.

Air conditioning heating method. Using the method of reducing the temperature difference to remove fog.

In winter by the warm air blowing open the glass on the breath, the front glass temperature increases quickly, reduce the window glass surface temperature, to prevent the front windshield fog overweight. But there is one point, back and side of the glass temperature rise slowly, so take a long time to remove all of the fog.

Note: either automatic or manual air conditioning, air conditioner, in favor of dehumidification; air temperature control not in the most cold position, or long time defrosting windscreen is prone to fog. Auto glass repair Oakland


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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

In the car before should accurately judge the visibility, do know the score, the visibility is small, when driving, more should be vigilant. If the visibility is less than 5 meters, belong to heavy fog, it is best not to drive, should wait until the fog decreased or disappeared after the trip. Car glass repair San Francisco

If you must go out in the fog, to check whether the normal vehicle lamp before departure, to install a qualified fog according to the national standard.

Fog, visibility less than 1 km, to be opened after the headlamps and fog lights. The headlamps not only to see the vehicle in front, more important is to remind the vehicle in front. The fog at night is best not to open the high beam light.

Because the design of the light is large area irradiation, easy to cause the scattering in the fog, turning on the high beam exhibit of lanterns in front of the driver caused by scattering light group, a snow-white, but not see the front.

Driving in fog, it is best not to drive too fast. Because the view is not clear, open express very prone to traffic accidents. The mist is greater, the visual distance is short, you should be more low speed. Car glass repair San Francisco

Experts suggest that when the visibility is less than 500 meters longer than 200 meters, shall not exceed 80 kilometers per hour; the visibility is less than 200 meters longer than 100 meters, shall not exceed 60 kilometers per hour; the visibility is less than 100 meters longer than 50 meters, shall not exceed 40 kilometers per hour; visibility in 30 meters, the speed should be controlled at below 20 km distance of 10 meters; the general so, speed should be controlled at below 5 km.

Driving in fog should as far as possible at low speed, especially to keep the safety car enough and vehicle distance, not too closely, not any overtaking.

The distance with the car you should take the initiative to maintain security and in front of the car, in case there are problems ahead, may be sufficient for their own emergency response distance and reaction time.

If it is found that after the car and the car too close, you can tap the brakes a few, but not really brake, just let the brake lights, to warn the rear vehicle should pay attention to keep a safe distance between cars. Car glass repair San Francisco


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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Since the summer high temperature, rainy, car carpet, covert caused a lot of bacteria. Car glass San Francisco

Winter has come, not always open the window, the air within the compartment will become turbid, smell, and odor and bacteria can cause harm to human body health.

Therefore, in the early winter, it is necessary to do a complete interior sterilization and cleaning car. The maintenance, the best professional cleaning agent with high temperature interior sauna machine, which not only can remove dirt, peculiar smell inside the car, can effectively kill bacteria, cleaned up, and protective agent for interior nursing, can make the car accessories take on an altogether new aspect.

Don’t forget to use the warm air, the winter season, the heating system to stop using for a long time, there will be trouble, so the owners of friends to try first hot air, fans running any abnormal sound, the wind is smooth.

Sometimes encountered in antifreeze heaters pipes does not flow for a long time, condensation cycle to plug the pipeline, although not affect traffic, but it is very troublesome to repair. Car glass San Francisco

If the owners don’t like hot, also must be opened at least once a month for air conditioner, compressor lubricating oil for a long time will precipitate, activate it can prolong the service life.

In addition, if often open air, it must ensure the car clean, because the general open cycle, if not pay attention to the car health, air conditioner will taste bad.

For some weekdays too busy taking care of their car’s friend, if he happened to be driving again is a leather seat of the car, in the long time friction, or frequent exposure to dry air environment, leather is a phenomenon, if the case is not serious, as long as the wax coating in the market to buy some special to nourish leather and can be.

If the leather scraps off it, and then to use some special leather paint spraying, brushing on thicker wax on the surface of leather, make leather to nourish. Remember! Brushing the leather water before, must put the leather cleaning a, can use wet cloth to wipe, but must be dry before waxing water. Car glass San Francisco


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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Some women in the car owners prefer to display some plush toys , it would suck to a lot of dust or bacteria . Windshield  San Francisco
In addition , seats, carpets , dashboard , floor mats , seat cracks, doors inside the trunk are also dust, bacteria accumulate a good place , coupled with the vehicle’s interior space is limited, a strong airtight compartment , interior hard for air convection and harmful substances more likely to breed them .
Summer hot weather largely catalyzed the development of these harmful forces .
Therefore, in late autumn , the best components for car interiors and do a thorough cleaning and disinfection. If the owner using acid disinfectants for disinfection , remember after disinfection , the car must use clean water and wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth to avoid residual disinfectant cause harm to humans . Windshield  San Francisco
Inside the car the easiest place is dirty carpet, if a vacuum cleaner with a brush head for vacuum processing , you can make dirty carpet looks not so dirty .
For more dirty carpet , you can only use a special detergent .
Usually before the first with detergent to remove dust , then spray the right amount of detergent , scrub clean with a brush , and finally with a clean rag and wipe off the excess detergent on it.
This allows both clean carpets washed as before any connection with the softness .
It should be noted that the carpet does not fully immersed into the water scrub , on the one hand will destroy the interior carpet adhesive layers of different materials .
On the other hand make carpet dry in a long time can not affect the use effect , causing the car wet . Windshield  San Francisco

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Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

I believe many people will because of a momentary impulse, in all types of stickers pasted on the window , or will post some driving license , road toll and other tickets. Door glass San Francisco
Whatever gelatinous material , through sunlight and wind , these stickers will turn yellow over time or in the gap in the residual dust, long time, difficult to clean out .
In this case, we must rely on a small blade to clean up the left over glue . Sticker with a blade cleaning stubborn , it is best with a relatively tough, sharp knife , this will save a lot of time .
We clean up , we not be too hard , otherwise you will draw the automotive glass traces on the surface of the glass prints, this does not look good .
But it is not able to force lighter , as if the equivalent in vain , stains or will in the above . So, to use the proper effort, if you do not accidentally scratched his finger , then go the hospital now .
Airbag name implies, is in danger occurs to protect the safety of the driver ‘s air bag , usually made of a folded air bag , inflatable , ignition and nitrogen solid particles by installing several groups in front of the sensor sensing a vehicle and the degree of impact of foreign objects , to determine whether the airbag detonation . Door glass San Francisco
When the vehicle is subjected to a strong positive impact , it will inflate in an instant in order to protect the front seat occupant safety.
First of all, whenever we should not go knock or hit the site where the airbag . We should not go straight flush water balloon position because damp airbag at a critical moment not protect your life.
Then sitting position. Generally the driver while driving should not be leaning forward, sitting to close to the seat , back seat should be adjusted to be able to comfortably control the car as well, so there will be enough space for the airbag in the event of an accident after fully play its protective role .
For the co-pilot position is also a vehicle airbag , never let children sit in the front or the placement of a child seat in this position , unless it can be manually closed this location airbags, airbag detonation otherwise will cause great harm to children .
Finally, to remind everyone that, in a situation not wear seat belts , airbags not only not play a protective effect on the crew , the crew will have serious lethal, explosive airbag is amazing enough to give the driver to hit . Door glass San Francisco

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Monday, October 21st, 2013

After a rain of vehicle maintenance is particularly important, in addition to interior and exterior cleaning , the two parts that pertain to life safety checks must be in place . windshield repair Oakland
The rain increased, the visibility is very low when the previous observation on the reporter , most people will open the double flash . In fact, this approach is not correct. Dual flash play is more warning, lighting ineffective.
The correct approach is to turn on the fog . Although the position of fog lamp assembly is usually relatively low, but the fog has a strong penetration easier in low visibility weather conditions allow early detection of vehicles or pedestrians .
But driving rain turned to car fog light will generate some interference , if not particularly affect the line of sight , or to keep the fog lights are turned off. Rainy timely inspection fog can work is particularly important. windshield repair Oakland
Most brake discs are made ​​of cast iron , but also long-term exposed, after soaking plus wind and sun, it is easy to generate some disc surface rust, rust more or less of these will affect the normal operation of the brake system , Therefore it is necessary to be promptly removed.

Even if your car has not been spared heavy brew, but as long as the tire is covered by water over third position , must promptly repair brake pads.
If only minor surface rust, can be used in continuous braking when driving method to clear it. In motion , brakes , brake pads and brake discs using the friction of the surface can be polished .
If the situation is more serious rust , rust more, will cause the brakes uneven surface , this situation may cause the brake body shake.
This rust is often difficult to remove through continuous braking , experts recommend this occurs , we must promptly to the regular repair shop for repairs , when necessary, replacement of the brake discs . windshield repair Oakland






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As in the auto parts market, the quality not be guaranteed headlamp , the luminous intensity shortage , many owners and maintenance personnel for the convenience and the pursuit of the big headlamp luminous intensity . car glass Oakland
Savings severe battery power loss . In the headlights turned on, the battery -powered generators to collaboration , so at night the car started moving around within the normal headlight brightness , and thereafter not continue due to battery power .

Also some light headlamp testing personnel in order to reach the required luminous intensity values ​​are replaced with the original car headlight bulbs high power bulbs , the result is : headlamp luminous intensity achieved, but the headlight circuit failure is greatly increased, sometimes damage the charging system circuit .
car glass Oakland
Therefore headlamp brightness down , and with the engine speed change, nor can the engine is stopped after starting the engine starter .
Wire fever, resulting in increased resistance line , headlamp luminous intensity decreased , and in severe headlamp line wire insulation melted due to a short circuit , a fire burned down the line or even an accident .
When using more electrical generator overload duration is too long , the generator diode and coil may burn , so the generator not generate electricity .

Lighting circuit relay or combination switch contacts produce ablation or bonding , so that the circuit not be disconnected or turned on. Headlight circuit fuse blown, make the car before glass Oakland



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Monday, October 21st, 2013

Remove the shock absorber in the upright position , and the lower end of the connecting ring in the vise clamp , pull compression damping lever several times , this time should be stable resistance , pull up resistance should be greater than the resistance when pressed down such as resistance to unstable or no resistance , it may be short of oil damper or valve internal parts damage should be repaired or replaced parts. car glass replacement Oakland
In determining the shock absorbers have a problem or failure, shock absorbers should first check whether there is oil or traces of old oil spills .
May be oil seals, gaskets would damage should be replaced with new seals . If you still can not eliminate oil spills, shock absorbers should be pulled out , if they feel there is not the same issuer or severity , and further examination of the piston and cylinder gap is too large , the shock absorber piston rod without bending , piston rod and the cylinder surface is scratched or pull marks .
car glass replacement Oakland
If the shock does not leak phenomenon, you should check the shock absorber connection pin, connecting rod, connecting hole , rubber bushings, etc. for damage , rupture or detachment of the Department .
In addition , the shock absorber will appear in the actual use failure beep , which is mainly due leaf springs and shock absorbers , frame or shaft collision cushion shock damage or loss, and dust tube deformation , fluid lack of causes, reasons should be identified , be repaired.

If these were normal , it should be further decomposed shock absorbers, check the piston and cylinder with the gap is too large cylinder with or without injury , the valve seal is good , valves and valve seat are tight fitting and reduce the stretching vibration absorber spring is too soft or broken , depending on the circumstances taken grinding or replacement parts approach repairs. car glass replacement Oakland