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Clean the car glass cream not obtrusive, wisdom is often more effective than brute force. In the cold winter, when the automobile glass frosting, the safest in the traditional method is to blow warm air heating frost, but this method requires a certain amount of time. Car glass Oakland

Note: do not use snow scraping shovel, cloth and card scraping frost on the glass.

Because the wind in winter, there are many tiny dust will cream, use tools to scrape frost result equals with fine sandpaper grinding of glass in the window, so you will soon become frosted glass.

I would like to remind you is not to use cold water or hot water! Because the water, cold water to make glass ice, hot water can lead to cracking of glass. As for some friends to liquor or alcohol with defrosting practices in the windshield, our experts are not recommended. If the use of SA wine, cocktail party along the guide rain board directly flow down, it will make a lot of rubber parts of alcohol and body contact, will cause corrosion or damage to rubber parts, so do not recommend using this method.

At present, some methods of preventing frost in the bud by many friends of favor. For example, the owner can at night parking, professional garment covering the vehicle.

Here we do not recommend newspapers and ordinary cloth from the glass, because of the cold weather, the goods may be frozen in glass or be blown away. Car glass Oakland

Another method is to save, later in the evening to reach the parking place before or parked the car flameout, open a window or door, so that the temperature inside the car down to the outdoor temperature and shut the window, close the door, lock the car, because the car and no difference in temperature, water vapor in the air has less prone to clotting in the window, so from the source to prevent frost generation.

The low winter temperatures, the morning drive, car glass often have a thin layer of cream, but it is not easy to remove. How to better and faster to remove attached to the glass fog or frost? Below is the professionals give tips!

Automotive glass demisting defrosting method: morning there will be a layer of fog that car glass, the main reason is that the car glass contact with the outside world, the temperature is low, the car water vapor condenses to form on the glass, to get rid of this kind of fog, there are two ways, either the glass temperature, or the interior humidity down. Car glass Oakland