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In the snow day met the wiper is snow stick in the windshield, do not use hot water to the car wash a hot bath, so easy to make the window because of the temperature change and burst, the wiper blade deformation. Windshield repair Oakland

The correct method is, the air conditioner to hot air, blowing mode for the front windshield wiper, be natural. In addition, should also pay attention to the wiper blade usage, such as the aging or damaged should be replaced promptly to avoid scratching the glass.

And to do no danger of anything going wrong, the best stop when the wiper blade and support, to open and close the wiper, pay attention to wipe the blade on the snow and ice, water, at the same time to wipe the windshield wiper blade, prevent the windshield and frozen together.

Due to the low winter temperatures, lubricating oil viscosity increase is not easy to flow, start the engine after preheating, as long as the water temperature table began to rise to start, here not stepped on the accelerator and don’t let the engine speed is too high. Windshield repair Oakland

When the vehicle is running after the initial difficulties, the rear wheels do not to be in a nice hobble, or ABS dashboard warning light flashing, that is the handbrake frozen. At this time, do not force driving, you can try to hang reverse gear, fierce trample accelerator reversing forced the handbrake to open, pour boiling water two rear brake disc melt snow and ice can also.

Believe that not too many people will pay attention to maintenance, maintenance of vehicles, rubber strip. The master said, do not belittle these glue edge strip, they not only decorative body, it plays an important role in sealing the carriage. So when the sealant once aging or cracking, will seriously affect the waterproofing, insulation performance car.

Teacher suggested, cleaning with special glue agent on the adhesive strip for cleaning and maintenance, rubber strip some important parts of the more should pay attention to maintenance, to avoid aging tape of glass lift or a different sound. If the aging and shedding phenomenon must be timely replacement, so as to avoid the rainy season occurs when the water leakage phenomenon. Windshield repair Oakland