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The car is the most likely dirty carpet, the carpet is the basic vehicle itself and car body, not easy to tear open come down to clean, the best placed in car mat. Car glass replacement Oakland

If the mat is not too dirty, to get the vehicle tapping on it. If you use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head for cleaning processing, can make more dirty carpet looks not so dirty.

For the dirty carpet can only use detergent, first the two dust removal work before washing, then spray proper amount of detergent, scrub with the brush, finally with a clean rag wipe excess detergent net can.


The seat of dirty things clean. First of all, using brush cleaning local dirty, such as large stains, such as garbage. And then use a clean cloth and a small amount of neutral lotion, in dry and wet conditions, full wipe the surface of the seat.

Special attention should be paid to the cloth must be dry, to prevent wet seat.

The blood clearance. If the seats and carpets stained with blood, do not use soap or water to clear, because the blood with soap and hot water will solidify, can use wet cloth to wipe, and a few drops of ammonia in blood, wait a few minutes, and then dipped in a cold water wipe clean rag. Car glass replacement Oakland

Remove stain. In the car to eat ketchup sauce food, such as the case of pollution of the seat or carpet, or did not care to lipstick and other stain on the seat, with cold wet dishcloth or sponge, gently wipe, and then the foam cleanser. Do not use soap or water to clean the coffee, cola, ice cream and other beverages to leave a stain, because the soap and hot water will mark is fixed on the seat surface, can only be used on the rag dipped water wipe, and then foam cleaning agent.

Clear urine stains. If the urine in the floor or carpet, can be the first wet cloth to wipe with hot soapy water, and then 1 than 1 ammonia water and cold water solution soaked rag covered in wet places, after a few minutes away cloth, wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Car glass replacement Oakland