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Air conditioning and refrigeration method. Using the air-conditioning refrigeration dehumidification function, reduce air humidity removing fog. Auto glass repair Oakland

When summer especially after many people into the car, not to open air conditioning, expired air humidity is bigger, soon will be the front windshield fog.

Then you can open the air conditioning cold air forward windscreen, the use of air-conditioning dehumidification function can be removed, a front windshield fog of steam. But if the humidity is too large, the use of air conditioning effect is not obvious, but a window is opened slightly, to quickly reduce driving indoor humidity.

Of course, can also be matched and air conditioner, the effect will be faster.

Spraying anti fog agent prevention method. A little mist agent sprayed on the glass window on the car, and then wipe clean, you can remove the dirt, the glass window on the spot.

On the polished glass at the same time, the formation of a layer of transparent protective film on the glass, it can effectively prevent the steam in condensation on the glass fog layers, especially in the cold winter. Auto glass repair Oakland

Can replace the antifogging agent and detergent, soap and water, glycerin, alcohol or salt water to dry and then suede or soft dry cloth to wipe excess fiber, it can ensure the vehicle glass will not cast a mist in a few days.

Air conditioning heating method. Using the method of reducing the temperature difference to remove fog.

In winter by the warm air blowing open the glass on the breath, the front glass temperature increases quickly, reduce the window glass surface temperature, to prevent the front windshield fog overweight. But there is one point, back and side of the glass temperature rise slowly, so take a long time to remove all of the fog.

Note: either automatic or manual air conditioning, air conditioner, in favor of dehumidification; air temperature control not in the most cold position, or long time defrosting windscreen is prone to fog. Auto glass repair Oakland