Auto Glass Repair San Francisco

Since the summer high temperature, rainy, car carpet, covert caused a lot of bacteria. Car glass San Francisco

Winter has come, not always open the window, the air within the compartment will become turbid, smell, and odor and bacteria can cause harm to human body health.

Therefore, in the early winter, it is necessary to do a complete interior sterilization and cleaning car. The maintenance, the best professional cleaning agent with high temperature interior sauna machine, which not only can remove dirt, peculiar smell inside the car, can effectively kill bacteria, cleaned up, and protective agent for interior nursing, can make the car accessories take on an altogether new aspect.

Don’t forget to use the warm air, the winter season, the heating system to stop using for a long time, there will be trouble, so the owners of friends to try first hot air, fans running any abnormal sound, the wind is smooth.

Sometimes encountered in antifreeze heaters pipes does not flow for a long time, condensation cycle to plug the pipeline, although not affect traffic, but it is very troublesome to repair. Car glass San Francisco

If the owners don’t like hot, also must be opened at least once a month for air conditioner, compressor lubricating oil for a long time will precipitate, activate it can prolong the service life.

In addition, if often open air, it must ensure the car clean, because the general open cycle, if not pay attention to the car health, air conditioner will taste bad.

For some weekdays too busy taking care of their car’s friend, if he happened to be driving again is a leather seat of the car, in the long time friction, or frequent exposure to dry air environment, leather is a phenomenon, if the case is not serious, as long as the wax coating in the market to buy some special to nourish leather and can be.

If the leather scraps off it, and then to use some special leather paint spraying, brushing on thicker wax on the surface of leather, make leather to nourish. Remember! Brushing the leather water before, must put the leather cleaning a, can use wet cloth to wipe, but must be dry before waxing water. Car glass San Francisco