Windshield Repair in San Francisco

Some women in the car owners prefer to display some plush toys , it would suck to a lot of dust or bacteria . Windshield  San Francisco
In addition , seats, carpets , dashboard , floor mats , seat cracks, doors inside the trunk are also dust, bacteria accumulate a good place , coupled with the vehicle’s interior space is limited, a strong airtight compartment , interior hard for air convection and harmful substances more likely to breed them .
Summer hot weather largely catalyzed the development of these harmful forces .
Therefore, in late autumn , the best components for car interiors and do a thorough cleaning and disinfection. If the owner using acid disinfectants for disinfection , remember after disinfection , the car must use clean water and wipe dry with a clean cotton cloth to avoid residual disinfectant cause harm to humans . Windshield  San Francisco
Inside the car the easiest place is dirty carpet, if a vacuum cleaner with a brush head for vacuum processing , you can make dirty carpet looks not so dirty .
For more dirty carpet , you can only use a special detergent .
Usually before the first with detergent to remove dust , then spray the right amount of detergent , scrub clean with a brush , and finally with a clean rag and wipe off the excess detergent on it.
This allows both clean carpets washed as before any connection with the softness .
It should be noted that the carpet does not fully immersed into the water scrub , on the one hand will destroy the interior carpet adhesive layers of different materials .
On the other hand make carpet dry in a long time can not affect the use effect , causing the car wet . Windshield  San Francisco