San Francisco door glass more professional

I believe many people will because of a momentary impulse, in all types of stickers pasted on the window , or will post some driving license , road toll and other tickets. Door glass San Francisco
Whatever gelatinous material , through sunlight and wind , these stickers will turn yellow over time or in the gap in the residual dust, long time, difficult to clean out .
In this case, we must rely on a small blade to clean up the left over glue . Sticker with a blade cleaning stubborn , it is best with a relatively tough, sharp knife , this will save a lot of time .
We clean up , we not be too hard , otherwise you will draw the automotive glass traces on the surface of the glass prints, this does not look good .
But it is not able to force lighter , as if the equivalent in vain , stains or will in the above . So, to use the proper effort, if you do not accidentally scratched his finger , then go the hospital now .
Airbag name implies, is in danger occurs to protect the safety of the driver ‘s air bag , usually made of a folded air bag , inflatable , ignition and nitrogen solid particles by installing several groups in front of the sensor sensing a vehicle and the degree of impact of foreign objects , to determine whether the airbag detonation . Door glass San Francisco
When the vehicle is subjected to a strong positive impact , it will inflate in an instant in order to protect the front seat occupant safety.
First of all, whenever we should not go knock or hit the site where the airbag . We should not go straight flush water balloon position because damp airbag at a critical moment not protect your life.
Then sitting position. Generally the driver while driving should not be leaning forward, sitting to close to the seat , back seat should be adjusted to be able to comfortably control the car as well, so there will be enough space for the airbag in the event of an accident after fully play its protective role .
For the co-pilot position is also a vehicle airbag , never let children sit in the front or the placement of a child seat in this position , unless it can be manually closed this location airbags, airbag detonation otherwise will cause great harm to children .
Finally, to remind everyone that, in a situation not wear seat belts , airbags not only not play a protective effect on the crew , the crew will have serious lethal, explosive airbag is amazing enough to give the driver to hit . Door glass San Francisco