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After a rain of vehicle maintenance is particularly important, in addition to interior and exterior cleaning , the two parts that pertain to life safety checks must be in place . windshield repair Oakland
The rain increased, the visibility is very low when the previous observation on the reporter , most people will open the double flash . In fact, this approach is not correct. Dual flash play is more warning, lighting ineffective.
The correct approach is to turn on the fog . Although the position of fog lamp assembly is usually relatively low, but the fog has a strong penetration easier in low visibility weather conditions allow early detection of vehicles or pedestrians .
But driving rain turned to car fog light will generate some interference , if not particularly affect the line of sight , or to keep the fog lights are turned off. Rainy timely inspection fog can work is particularly important. windshield repair Oakland
Most brake discs are made ​​of cast iron , but also long-term exposed, after soaking plus wind and sun, it is easy to generate some disc surface rust, rust more or less of these will affect the normal operation of the brake system , Therefore it is necessary to be promptly removed.

Even if your car has not been spared heavy brew, but as long as the tire is covered by water over third position , must promptly repair brake pads.
If only minor surface rust, can be used in continuous braking when driving method to clear it. In motion , brakes , brake pads and brake discs using the friction of the surface can be polished .
If the situation is more serious rust , rust more, will cause the brakes uneven surface , this situation may cause the brake body shake.
This rust is often difficult to remove through continuous braking , experts recommend this occurs , we must promptly to the regular repair shop for repairs , when necessary, replacement of the brake discs . windshield repair Oakland






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As in the auto parts market, the quality not be guaranteed headlamp , the luminous intensity shortage , many owners and maintenance personnel for the convenience and the pursuit of the big headlamp luminous intensity . car glass Oakland
Savings severe battery power loss . In the headlights turned on, the battery -powered generators to collaboration , so at night the car started moving around within the normal headlight brightness , and thereafter not continue due to battery power .

Also some light headlamp testing personnel in order to reach the required luminous intensity values ​​are replaced with the original car headlight bulbs high power bulbs , the result is : headlamp luminous intensity achieved, but the headlight circuit failure is greatly increased, sometimes damage the charging system circuit .
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Therefore headlamp brightness down , and with the engine speed change, nor can the engine is stopped after starting the engine starter .
Wire fever, resulting in increased resistance line , headlamp luminous intensity decreased , and in severe headlamp line wire insulation melted due to a short circuit , a fire burned down the line or even an accident .
When using more electrical generator overload duration is too long , the generator diode and coil may burn , so the generator not generate electricity .

Lighting circuit relay or combination switch contacts produce ablation or bonding , so that the circuit not be disconnected or turned on. Headlight circuit fuse blown, make the car before glass Oakland