About Us

Fast, Affordable & Reliable Auto Glass Repair with locations in San Francisco & Oakland
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What Makes Us Different?

1. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

2. We follow standard procedures and do whatever is necessary to ensure proper installation and safety. We do not take shortcuts for fast service, but we skip the time waiting for parts because as you see in our warehouse that we have all the parts in stock.

3. Fast same day service

4. Professional installation to ensure that after replacement, the door glasses are working properly and the windshield has no leaks. More importantly, we primer any scratches that might cause rust on the pinchweld (most companies do not pay attention on this but in long run, when scratches turn into rust, fixing the rust will be costly).

5. Insurance approved.

6. Free mobile service within San Francisco, Daly City, Brisbane & South San Francisco.

7. Largest investory with over 100,000+ auto windshields and auto window glasses in stock.

8. Lowest price for quality service guaranteed.

9. Last but not least, we enjoy our work and we treat each other like friends and family.